Happy Women’s Day to all beauties…
Women’s day is a day to celebrate social, cultural, political, economic, national and international

achievements of womanhood. As womanhood is the qualities considered to be natural to
characteristics of woman i.e. maturity, muliebrity, feminity, graceful.
It is a day to remind why girls are so amazing.

Girls are amazing because they never quit.

We see in our daily routine life women managing both house and their work, being equally
responsible for playing all sort of roles with dignity. The journey to prove their existence starts from the second they are born, till they die. People at times take their presence as Lord Laxmi and somewhere as witches or burden. We have seen in past girls struggling for education, equality, voting, equal pay – as they are mistreated, abused, horrifyingly oppressed in some regions.
But they never quit-

Women are changing the world for the better .Educating a girl will educate a family, as a woman if given an option to change her life, she invests 90% back into her family. As a result, she and her family prosper, breaking the art of stereotype of poverty. She then reaches her community, growing as a leader to lift the qualities of life and inspiring others to join and grow together. Girls have proven again and again that they can go far when people invest in them. Let’s not forget the names like- Savitribai Phule, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Hilary Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Marie Curie, Elizabeth I, Cady Stanton, Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale, the list is legends is never-ending of the women who changed the world.

Who is this who looks down like the dawn,
Beautiful as the moon, bright as the sun;
Awesome as an army, strong as mom ????
Who indeed? A woman, of course.

Where but in scriptures could we find a vision of womanhood as glorious as this? Who but our God could design something with such blinding beauty alongside robust strength?

The unique influence of godly woman is transforming things for the better. A woman is compared to a crown on the head of her husband. This is not because she’s merely decorative, because she is the thing that makes her good man great. She transforms a promising bachelor into a purposeful, respected husband. He gives his seed and by some miracle and mystery, God designed her body to nurture and grow a new person.

I have the opportunity to give free check-ups for women during their prenatal period and give them necessary advice for safe and healthy outcomes as they haven’t quit giving birth to the world’s next generation. Women haven’t quit advocating for equality, freedom, opportunity and dignity. Women pressure through hardships, obstacles, discriminations to reach their potential and express their love by achieving goals as well.

Microlending studies have shown that women in the developing world are exceptional entrepreneurs. They are more likely to repay the loan than their male counterparts, they make better financial decisions than men and they are more likely to invest in their community. Women are beautiful, capable, intelligent, valuable treasures who left no field untouched, like- Jet Airways Pilot Shweta Singh; Sports have- P.T.Usha, Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, Karnam Malleswari, Geeta Phogat, Mithali Raj, Dipa Karmakar.

Daughters are making their parents proud, let’s pledge to respect woman not in scripts but the value
they in life as these are a unique creation of God which are our Essentials. A woman is a prism that takes in the light and turns it into an array of greater, fuller glory so that those around her now see the rainbow that contained in the beam. She constantly radiates reminders of faithfulness. She reads the black and white pages of the word of God and takes on the task of living them out on vibrant hues of her children, her neighbours, and the world to see. Also follows the commands of feeding, nourishing, training and love, a godly woman sets to the task, enhancing and beautifying everything around her.

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