People are in a constant rush of earning to improve their standard of living. But in this rush, they neglect their body and overall health. This complete ignorance towards their body lands them into a troublesome state. As fast as the field of medicines is progressing, the number of diseases is also increasing. Some of these diseases can be very deadly if not diagnosed at an early stage.

And hence, a blood test is recommended in order to be done regularly. A blood test can diagnose these difficulties on time so that they can be treated well without causing much harm to your body. Also, you should not wait for a doctor to recommend a blood test. Rather you should go for blood tests regularly. This is because testing your blood at regular intervals will keep you informed about the changes in your body and health.

Moreover, this timely examination will prevent illness and any damage to your body. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go for blood tests regularly:

Top 5 Reasons Why regular Blood Tests are  Important



1. Reduce fatal disease risk

If you want to minimize the risk of complications in your body then only regular blood tests can save you. This will diagnose any change disease at an early stage and save your heart, lungs, or kidney from any fatal disease. Even minor flu could prove fatal to your body if went undiagnosed as many serious diseases like HIV infection starts as flu in the body.

The best to avoid such illnesses is going for regular blood check-ups. As it said that prevention is better than cure, regular lab testing will prevent diseases and improve the quality of your body. This timely proper examination will also help you to understand your mood and energy levels.

2. Bodyweight fluctuations

If there is sudden fluctuation in your body weight than a blood test can surely help you to figure out the reason behind it. Sudden changes in weight can be a sign of hormonal imbalance, heart or liver problems, thyroid issues, or even cancer. 

Time-to-time blood tests will help you to figure out the mystery behind your fluctuation in weight. This will save you from following a strict diet. Moreover, it will help your trainer to know well about your body and issues related to it. 

3. Blood components

You will be amazed to know that a blood test alone can prevent many problems. It will keep you updated with the count of WBC that will make you aware of any kind of infection, the count of platelets that will aware you about blood clotting problems, hemoglobin level, and more information like that.

To lead a healthy life, you should know the levels of various blood components like HDL and LDL cholesterol. This will help you to follow a particular diet or fitness plan to reduce unhealthy habits and maximize healthy ones. With a regular blood test, you will be able to know the exact requirements of your body. 

Moreover, it will help you to regulate the nutrient proportion in your body. This can be a plus point for your fitness trainer and allow you to take proper precautions.

4. Sex hormones’ record

The blood test even keeps a record of your sex hormones. The symptoms of hormonal imbalance progress slowly or are absent sometimes. Moreover, what happens sometimes is that this imbalance is left undiagnosed. So, to prevent irreversible clinical diseases you should keep yourself informed about your hormonal stats.

The blood test detects the level of testosterone and estrogen in the body. This information may help you to detect any unusual symptoms in your sexual activities like infertility issues, erectile dysfunction, low libido levels, etc.

5. Health status of blood donors

If you are a blood donor then you need to know your health status. You can donate blood only if you are perfectly healthy. These regular blood tests will make you aware of your fitness and capability of donating blood. 

Donating blood could be fatal for people with low hemoglobin count. In this way, you are not only helping your body but also keeping others healthy by donating non-infected blood. 

Final words

If you want to take good care of yourself then you should go for blood tests regularly as it is well said, “Health is Wealth.” Going through regular examination will help you to keep an eye on your health and detect potential problems. It also allows you to take preventive measures to weaken its growth. 

Moreover, monitoring your blood timely will be fruitful to you in the long run. And hence, you should take your blood tests seriously if you are serious about leading a healthy and long life.



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