Nursing services

Nursing Services

General Nursing services

  • Diet and nutrition monitoring

  • Regular Check up as per doctors prescription

  • Giving injections to the patients

  • Pain management

ICU Services at home

  • Deliver regular updates to doctors, patients, and their family members.

  • Do treatment and monitor doses of medication.

  • Evaluate and monitor the patient’s progress.

  • Identifying sudden or subtle changes in a patient’s medical condition and responding to the situation accordingly.

Palliative services

  • Proper palliative care of the patients

  • Electrolyte Infusion in the patients body

  • Helping patients in bathing and toileting

  • Feeding the patients so that the patient gets proper nutrition required for its body

Heart Care services

  • Time to time measurement of Blood pressure

  • Checking that the pacemaker is working properly

  • Constantly monitoring thhe heart and the pulse rate

  • Giving proper food which will help in increase in RBC count.

What are Home Nursing Services?

In home nursing services in mumbai is basically the nursing services you get by an experienced home nurse or cartaker in your home for which you would have applied.

These home nurses do all the medical nursing services, nursing care as well as the non-medical sevices as well.

Non – medical nursing services mainly include elderly care, taking care of the patients movements and food, etc. Medical in home nursing services  mainly include wound dressing,medicine administration, intravenous therapy, monitoring vital sign, ventilator care, vaccination, giving injections and more.

Home care nursing  can be a full time shift or a hourly shift depending upon the patient’s needs.


What Are The Benefits Of Home Nursing Care Services In Mumbai?

There are many advantages of home nursing services in mumbai like much needed relief from travelling to and fro to the doctor’s clinic or hospital in this mumbai’s traffic.

As the nurse will be at the home itself your travelling charges while going to the hospital will be cut down and you will save a lot of money by having  in home nursing services in your  house.

One another advantage of this is the one to one attention you will get here from the home nurse in  your house rather than waiting in line in the hospital for your turn to come to meet the doctor.

The patients also make a  speedy recovery in their home surrounded by their loved ones than in the sterile environment of a hospital because of the nursing care provided by our in home nursing services.

At last, with the availability of  our nursing services you can easily cut down on your hospital stays, if at all any critical care is not required and continue with the basic treatment comfortably at your home and utilize our home care nursing services.

What Is In-Home Nursing Service?

Get personalised and affordable care at home by a qualified  private nurse who do their job perfectly and take care of the patients very well. Care for your loved ones by giving them the convenience, freedom, and comfort of their own familiar surroundings even when they heal under professional nursing care.

In our in home nursing services we will take care of the patients entirely. The home nurse will properly give the medicines to the patients on time. They will help with bathing and toileting. They will look into it that the patient is eating properly from time to time.

If you apply for our in home nursing services there is no need to got to the doctors again and again as the home nurse will itself take care of the patient and do the necessary treatments which comes under our nursing services package.

Why Us

  • All our attendants and nurses are trained professionals who provides all the support required for an elderly care which includes daily tasks, personal care and much more.

  • Our staff looks after all the nutritional diet of the concerned person and provide them a better health care 24×7 at hand. They are extremely polite and enthusiastic towards every task assigned and completes it at pace.

  • Our methods and care plans are thoroughly valuated, and follow the best medical practices and guidelines.We have a completely transparent system that is designed to be with the elder at every stage of the process.



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