Worldwide, all the industries are moving ahead with time and adapting the technical advancements in respective fields. Healthcare and laboratory diagnostic service is not an exception. Gone are the days when one had to take the ailing patient to a laboratory for various blood tests and urine tests. Add the painful long waiting hours and sitting on a chair to the existing trauma. Along with that, one has to spend so many hours to and from house to the laboratory or testing center. Something more beneficial, more convenient and economical solution for the patient was needed. Here comes the new-age service from which is a Blood test at home in Mumbai or Lab test at home in Mumbai.


What is a Blood test at home?

With every passing day, the service of a blood test at home is gaining momentum. Rather than taking the patient to a laboratory for blood tests, the phlebotomist visits your house to take the blood or urine sample. A phlebotomist is a person who is an expert in drawing blood from veins with proper care. These samples are properly marked and sent to a certified laboratory for further testing. Reports for the same can be accessed via email or SMS depending on the service provider. In a nutshell, the entire process is hassle-free, where you just need to make an appointment so that the trained staff can come down to your place and collect the sample. Right from booking, blood sample giving and report collection can be done from the comfort of your house.

Benefits of A blood test at home service in Mumbai 

Undoubtedly, there are various benefits associated with the services of We are one of the leading service providers for home collection in Mumbai covering the major area of the city.

Easy booking process:

One just needs to SMS, call, or fill out an online form to book a slot of your convenient time with us for blood sample collection in Mumbai. Our dedicated team will confirm and the entire process would be a smooth journey.

Trained phlebotomists:

All our phlebotomists are experienced, well-educated, and certified practitioners. Only verified and scrutinized people can join the expert team of Proper training is imparted to them to take the utmost care with the elderly and kids at home.

Accurate reports:

Reports of a blood sample and urine samples are thoroughly checked not only by machines but also goes through manual checks as well to remove any chance of redundancy. Certified doctors verify all the final reports before forwarding the same to the patient party.

Trusted by many:

We are one of the pioneers in offering blood tests at home service in Mumbai for XX years. We have a long list of happy and returning clients that keeps motivating us to deliver the best result and grow.


The data and reports are shared with you over your email and SMS. Be assured of the leak-proof data sharing methodology

Importance of Blood test at home service

The demand for home-based blood collection service sees a surge with progressing time. It certainly is one of the most convenient services for those who cannot travel to the lab center. There are various benefits of availing blood test service at home. 

Saves Money and Time:

As the tests are carried at home, the laboratory offers various discounts and privileges that one can avail of. Not only monetary gain, but your valuable time also gets saved. You need not have to travel all the way to the lab in chaotic city traffic. Apart from this, you also save time that you consume while another visit to collect the report.

Wider coverage:

Currently, we are covering most parts of the city from xxx to yyy and from aaa to BBB. We have the plan to widen the coverage by introducing our services in 111, 222 and 333 areas also.

Homely environment:

Rather than waiting with 100 different ailing patients in the waiting area of the blood testing laboratory, it is always a better idea to stay indoors and call the phlebotomist to your home. Kids feel more comfortable in a homely environment. Taking elderly sick people for texting is also a cumbersome task.

How to Prepare For Blood test at home

Doctors recommend a blood test for various reasons. It could be either evaluating the treatment in the process of diagnosing a disease. Preparation before the blood test can vary from the test suggested by the doctor. Some tests are carried out on an empty stomach where you are not supposed to eat anything in the morning until the blood sample is collected. Whereas some test is done after a few hours of lunch. Many tests do not have any such restrictions and can be carried out at any time of the day. 

You shall discuss the medications that you take. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and sedative drugs are not recommended 24-48 hours prior to any test. They may lead to inaccuracy in test results. One shall also refrain from heavy exercise just before the test. Under any circumstance and for any test, be specific about the requirement with your consultant doctor to avoid any confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions for Blood Test at Home Service in Mumbai: FAQ

Q1 – Is it very costly to avail of blood tests at home in Mumbai?

A – No, it is not at all costly. Rather we do not even charge the traveling expense of our phlebotomist to your residence. We charge only for the tests.

Q2 – How to book for service for a blood test at home?

A – We are just a click away. You may either fill the online appointment form available on our website or can directly call our support desk or can send us an SMS with details. Our representative will coordinate and fix a schedule.

Q3 – How reliable is your testing?

A – All the blood and urine samples collected are sent to NABL accredited lab centers for diagnosis. High-end and modern equipment with a semi-automatic machine analyzes the samples. These results are cross-verified with our trained technician before sending it to patients.