Many of the fruits we enjoy during the year are available all the times, but winter fruits available in December- January- February offer the perfect possibility to experiment with some of the courageous fruits and vegetables that hit their peak in winter. Winter Fruits add the sweetness in this season.
1. Apples,🍎
As we all have heard “ An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away” and is actually very true. Apple work as a natural medicine especially for women, it is helpful for reducing dark circle, help in weight loss also makes your teeth strong & shiny always. It has many benefits rather than just being beautiful, it’s helpful to prevent skin cancer & diabetes.
2.Bananas 🍌
Eating minimum 1 banana daily effective to keep your blood pressure under control & keep your heart strong. It is helpful for reducing weight & belly fat.
Half a cup of cranberries holds only 25 calories.This fruits beneficial on various types of cancer reduced blood pressure and increased immune capacity.
A beautiful and delicious small red fruit protects from various eye problems, prevent Heart diseases & cancer risk. One of the best fruit for immunity booster.
5.Pear 🍐
Sometimes it’s also called as Nashpati. This fruit provides strength to bones and prevents many throat problems. And good for pregnant women.
Grapes are available in different colors like black grapes & green grapes, both types of grapes contain different advantages. But probably grapes are most effective for managing uneven skin tones, makes scars lighten & fight against breast cancer.
7.Cactus Pear🍐
This fruit is unique fruits as its name. It helps to keep maintaining your body functions and it’s a high-grade immunity booster.
It’s the best solution for sleep disorders. Keeps your blood pressure in control & prevent heart diseases.It also helps in weight loss, and good for the digestive process.
9.Sweet Lime🍋
This fruit is more popular as ‘mosambi’. It is a great source of vitamin c and effective for constipation problems. This is fruit especially recommend to people who are dealing with an asthma problem.
10.Custard Apple
Also called this fruits as Seetaphal, Sugar Apple & Sharifa also. Good for digestive process, and treats in fighting anemia. This fruits also help for controlling acne & pimples.
11.Passion Fruit
It contains a great source of vitamins & nutrition. But eat this fruits only as per your physician instructions.
12.Chikoo (Sapodilla)
Chikoo helps in bones strengthening.
It works great for Pregnant women and also helpful in skin treatments and weight loss.
Pineapple mostly recommends to injured patients because its supports injuries healing process. it is beneficial for preventing cancer risk, keeps your blood pressure in control. Also helpful on Coughs and Colds.
Figs are more famous as Anjeer in India. Figs have calcium, that helps for bones strength.
It contains fiber that helps to reduce weight. Figs hold Vitamin C & E which helps to retain your hair health. Naturally helps for skin glowing.
Guava is a substation of nutrition which is mainly helpful for stress relief. It’s helpful for improving blood circulation to the brain.
Khajoor is one of the great weight gain tonics. If you are facing Night Blindness then you have to eat daily. It’s helpful for bones health & strength. Also good for hair care & skin care.
It looks like orange but small in size. For all blog readers, want to look younger, then start eating tangerines from today. Because it delays the signs of aging & slows the aging process.
Orange is power package of vitamin C and anthocyanins, that helps to maintain your skin & heart healthy.
Papita plays important role in muscle tissue renewal process. Papaya helps for weight loss also Protects from sunburn & reduce acne.

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